Physical scars

Sometimes i will be suddenly become fully aware of how bad the scars on my skin really look. It is not that i am living in denial, but i am so used to seeing my scars every single moment that i do not realize how bad it actually is.

Right now is one of those moments, and i am always wishing that all of these scars will just go away.

Every single night, from 11 plus to 1 am, my arms and legs will start itching all over. If i am sleeping, i will just subconsciously scratch till i am awake. I will then come out of my bed and apply cream all over. This cycle repeats every night and it is a torture really.

Only God can heal. But sometimes i question God why do i even have to get it in the first place?

Those frustration and i am unable to fully describe it because it is just too frustrating and saddening for me to explain.

I want to look better, who doesn’t?

There is no point in dressing better if all those clothes only highlight my scars even more.


I just want my scars to disappear and eczema to go away, this is my biggest wish for myself.


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