Just last night i have combined all my posts into one blog on blogger because i want to have one permanent blog that i can use for the next few years.

Just now, i suddenly find WordPress more attractive and so i shifted everything here -.-

Fickle minded.

Anyway this coming week i will be catching up and playing with friends. Looking forward to the moments spent with them.

I will be try my best to post more happy moments here. Reading back all my previous posts, i have forgotten what it really means to be contented and thankful. I have became so lost and distant from God because i have chosen to control everything by myself, even situations that are beyond my control.

I feel myself going out of control actually. I felt that i am unable to open up to people around me whether it be in school, church and even home. Bitterness have locked my heart in. And people in church have this mistaken impression that i am quiet. No i am not, i am just emotionally tired.

Lord, guide me back to You. I want to be free from all this traps of bitterness, envy and hurts that i have experienced. It is time to move on and start anew.


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