Conversations has the power to connect people together and bring life and energy to the people involved. 

I have always preferred one to one conversations because I am better at it and I can take time to genuinely know the other person better. 
In group conversations, I mostly stay in the background and observe. Whether I become a participant in the group conversations depends on the topic and whether I feel comfortable enough to share out my views on it. Sometimes I don’t really know much of the topic at all.
For a conversation to bring life to itself, there must first be a common topic that both parties know and there must be trust. If a conversation lacks one of these, it will just stay as a conversation.
To me, the beginning of a conversation plays an important part on how the rest of the conversation follow. If I sense that the other party is not really interested then I end off the conversation quickly . Trust plays a part too. If I trust the person, I will open up really well.
I cannot handle superficial conversations well, I rather don’t talk at all. To me, sincerity and trust plays a huge factor for deep conversations. Usually I do not initiate conversations unless I know you well, but if I don’t, it’s mostly because I’m  shy or I don’t know you well enough.
People who do not know me well will mistakenly think that I am being aloof. Which is kind of true since I do not start conversations, my own insecurity. I sometimes just do not know what to say to people. Or even if I have, I think that the topic is too boring to even say it.
But no matter what, I still am better at one to one conversations. As long as I sense sincerity and I can trust the person. And I always find a day well spent if I can converse with people who are sincere and genuine, I feel energised and positive. 

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