One thought

I am supposed to be doing my projects now, but i am distracted.

On Tuesday evening, i attended a passion unleashed seminar at SMU alone. I was invited to go for this event by the founder whom i bump into when working during my last vacation. It is a motivational seminar, as the name itself has already suggests. I was expecting students to be there but to my surprise, most of the people were working adults. People from different professions from there, i met a engineer, finance director and an aspiring song composer. The seminar was inspiring with candid stories shared by a local filmmaker and a young lady about how they reach their goals and the difficulties they went through.

I felt encouraged to be in a group of people who are optimistic and have dreams. During the seminar, the young lady shared about a crazy idea that she had which is to get 800 people in the public to share their dreams on 12 December 2012. The date was chosen because it sounded 12 12 12, which is want to, want to, want to. So she and her group of friends went ahead with the idea with a support of a company and approached 800 people. The results brought back a reality check to her. Out of the 800 people they asked, 700 people said they do not have a clear dream, many ladies replied they want to marry a rich man, or else there were answers like wanting to own a villa and other material possessions. She felt sad and i feel the same way too. Like people are not having dreams and they are just living for the sake of survival. Saddening fact.

What contributed to this cold fact that people are not thinking about their own dreams that they want to fulfill? It is okay to be practical and realistic but too much of it over time causes a person to be cynical and stifles the person’s soul to freely imagine. Is Singapore such a hard place to live in that people do not have the courage to pursue their dreams? Singapore is a first world country, we have almost everything we need. It is understandable if the person is born in a poorer country and it is harder to achieve the goals.
It is the society’s mentality. The scarce mentality.

I believe that the education system plays an tremendous role in shaping the future of the country, especially in terms of mindset. Why people do not dare to dream? Part of the answer lies in the academic results of the person. For example: The person childhood’s ambition was to become a lawyer/doctor, but look at reality to get into law school or medical school, the grades must be super good. The entry requirements are just simply too high for the person to reach. Must the person be extremely smart to have a chance to hit his dream? How about the other aspects of the person, like soft skills? Not everybody has high IQ, everybody has different talents and the education system has to recognize that to bring out the best of everybody.

How did i end up exploring till this depth? I just am sad when people loses their soul and only lives for the sake of earning money because the society believes it to be the only way, i believe everyone can make a unique contribution. Oh well.


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