4 November 2013

My new maid has been staying with us for a month already and she is still not used to her work responsibilities. My auntie has been practically scolding her everyday for the careless mistakes. I can only sigh and shake my head at this. If this goes on, i think their lives will kind of shorten by a year, with one frequently scolding and one getting scolded.

Lets move on…

I just find it plain annoying at times that i cannot fully put my thoughts down through written or verbal communication. It is just like a thought that is stuck in my head, floating and disappearing as soon as it appears. I guess it is due to the fact that i am impatient and distracted. I have to admit, i am impatient, in the sense that i want things done quickly and smoothly. And i get annoyed if things are not done because of some small stupid reason. I get distracted easily also because i like to focus on living on my imagination and not in reality sometimes. Simply put, i daydream. Right, i should improve on my weakness.

In awe of writers who can beautifully craft out words out of a language into a beautiful story. Words are meaningless and have no form on its own actually. People bring it to life either to uplift people or to destroy people. Writers let us in into their own world through their story. Without writers, this world would just be a cold and practical place with no soul in it. There is no restriction on self-expression and it is wonderful. Especially so when everybody in this world is trying to project a certain image of themselves to look strong and in the process forgot who they really are.

I always support the fact that everybody is unique in their own special ways. And it is a loss to the world and to the person itself if the person tries to be or act like another individual. By doing so, it brings misery and confusion to oneself. There is a no need to look particularly strong to fit in to society. If everybody is of one certain image, then in the first place, God would have just created one type of people. The greatest tragedy of all is not getting sick physically, but being miserable all through life trying to act like another person to be happy and only realizing at your deathbed that happiness comes from being yourself.

Side note: Usually when im blogging, i need my own privacy. Just me, not being secretive or anything but i feel like this is a personal outlet for me.


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