Hi November

November has arrived. And in another 2 months, 2014 will arrive and it is my official 20th year of living on earth. 
I don’t feel that old actually. I’m still 18 now hehe and maybe when I turn 21, I start feeling it.
My last semester of my final year in poly has begun on Monday. No longer I am fretting about what others think about me . Instead I turn my attention to my friends and am determined to make my last semester enjoyable. And with a silent hope that the bonds of friendship that I have created in poly will last through life. 
Being in poly has taught me many things. I have become more mature and realistic in some areas, and most importantly I have learnt to accept myself for who I simply am. When you accept yourself for who you are and treat others with kindness, people will give you basic respect even if they dislike you. 
It is time to stop landing myself in a self identity crisis. I still am in a process of learning and becoming better as long as I believe in myself. 
Moving on, 
I am fascinated with looking at the skies above me sometimes. Especially after a long day and I’m greeted with a calming scene above me. It’s so wonderful, the skies cannot be modified by humans and it is just simply a masterpiece by God.
Here are some photos I took 🙂


I love evening skies. 

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