Honestly I do not know what I’m particularly good at. So frustrating because there is no specific direction and what more I’m graduating from poly soon.

Of course I know having a certain talent does not necessarily determine your career but at least you know what you are good at. 
My sister can draw. Me? Over thinking things? I’m interested in personality types and what makes people tick. But that is not a career at all, unless I become a counsellor. I like to help people and encourage them. But I’m not sure if I’m suitable to be a counsellor because I don’t think I am that emotionally mature to guide people with their problems. 
In poly I keep getting Bs for most of my modules. It is not pointing any direction for me either. I ask my friends for some advice but I get vague answers. I pray to God and I believe He is in control but I’m just impatient. 
Omg I should just stop thinking about this. But i am just annoyed that I don’t have any particular talent that makes me goes, oh hey I am good at this. 

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