Right people or people you want.

There is this popular quote that goes like this that the people that is meant to stay in your life will stay even without you making much effort. 

But it’s not exactly true. Relationship need two parties to work. Even if the right people are there, if you don’t make any effort to keep them, they may still leave one day. Because people have feelings and want to feel valued. 
Yes, God has definitely make us meet our friends and family for a reason but it comes down to our effort to keep them in our lives as well. 
There is a difference between the right people and the people we want to be with. The people we want to be with may not be the right people and the right people we have may not be the people we want to be with. 
Right people are people who motivate you, support you, encourage you, brings out the best in you, let you be yourself and accept your flaws as part of you. 
Awesome right?
 But sometimes we can’t see that they are there because we are focusing on somebody else. The right people may not be your closest friend,they may just be a classmate or a friend. That is why we may fail to notice them because we think the people who truly understand us are our closest friends. 
Its great if the right people are also our closest friends, everything is much easier. 
People who we want to be with may not be the right people for us. They can understand us but they may not accept us for who we are. They may be not encouraging and may even look down on your weaknesses at times. But we still want to be with them because we are comfortable and feel safe in their presence.
The question is who will we choose to be with if we were given the choice when we know who are the right people and the people we want to be with. 
I myself find it hard to choose personally. Feelings versus logic. There is no right or wrong answer in this. A dilemma that everybody faces and struggles with. A dilemma that gives people heartache because the people they may want to be with gives them heartache. I guess the best answer for me is to balance both. Constantly appreciating them and be mature enough to know what is right and wrong – sticking to principles. 
In the future I may post another topic about people also. This is an outlet to release my thoughts. It releases me from stress and I can be more clear headed.

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