Facts about me

1. I’m born on 27 Dec 1994 

2. I’m a left hander, genes from my dad
3. I’m the eldest out of 5 siblings in which 4 are my half siblings.
4. I was supposed to be born in jan 1995
5. I prank call the police before when I was primary 2.
6. I secretly go to my friends house before in primary school.
7. I got a scar underneath my lips because I fell from the staircase in primary 4.
8. I was the chairman of my class in primary 5 and everyone dislike me because I was too strict.
9. My favourite color is red, dark blue and black.
10. I accepted Christ as my saviour in primary 6.
11. I was a debater in secondary school.
12. My CCA in secondary school is guitar.
13. My right hand is better as compared to my left hand for sports.
14. I can’t stand small annoying noises such as draggy footsteps, slurping and chewing mouth noises.
15. Before I bathe, I wash away all the dirty marks on the floor as I can’t tolerate seeing the floor dirty.
16. I like to eat garlic bread and tofu.
17. I’m an INFJ
18. I’m supposed to be wearing spectacles but my degree is only 75.
19. I play badminton in primary school.
20. I aspire to play piano and improve my guitar skills.
21. I like penguins and baby animals in general.
22. I hope to start up a non profit business in the future.
23. I got baptised on 24 dec 2011.
24. I’m a projectionist leader in church.
25. I’m shy and quiet around people I’m not close to but noisy around people I trust.
26. I take friendships and kinship seriously and am loyal to those I trust.
27. 27 is my favourite number as its my birthday number.
28. I’m sensitive to the atmosphere around me. I can get negative if I sense negative feelings from people around me and vice versa.
29. I appreciate honesty and criticism when people tell me if they have problems with me.
30. I do somehow always find out and know people ulterior motives or if they are lying to me.
31. I’m always idealising stuff in my head, like supportive community, everything is good. 
32. I read self help books. 
33. I do wonder what people view me as and I always ask my friends for that.
34. I cycle, swim and play bowling.
35. I’m constantly trying to make my activities meaningful. 
36. I don’t like suspense especially after quarrels, that cold shoulder period. I rather the person explode at me or else I will over think.
37. I do tend to worry excessively especially when it comes to relationships with people during conflicts.
38. Having a clear conscience is way better than having fame. 
39. I need to sleep otherwise I become super irritable.
40. I hope to leave good memories for the people I come into contact with.

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