Happy like this

I am no longer working! Yay! It’s feel so good to be back to a status of a student. Makes me more carefree. 

And so now I’m left with one week of holidays before my final semester begins. I don’t regret that I had only one week left to enjoy because going back to school itself is quite enjoyable for me. Being able to hang around with friends is a blessing for me. When u go to work, things are really different, so I appreciate this student life now. 
I love the fact that I am still young and I can try and explore more things. I don’t have to really let age or having to support a family being a factor for my decisions yet. And I want to keep this youthful mentality even when I’m old. 
I want to try many things. I want to learn music, play guitar and piano. I want to try dance. I want to keep myself fit. I want to be a good cook. And of course one thing at a time. And I won’t rush into it, I accomplish it slowly as I go into my twenties and thirties. 
The fact that tomorrow is always a new day with a new beginning is a blessing from God. Because u can create your own possibilities. I am confident that I will see the Lord’s goodness while I am living on earth. I am thankful for the grace and love He has been providing me. Yes I am happy like this. 🙂

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