God is full of surprises

Can I just blog without any title? Because what I usually type is just free flow, no specific topic until I reach the end then I realised I hit a topic. 

Moving on, this coming week is my last week of work! 🙂 4 working days to be exact. I’m happy it is ending but I am thankful that this Job teach me lots of practical skills like business writing, making formal calls and I got a chance to attend several business meetings with my boss. 
I’m not sure if I had mentioned this before. But I believe it is God’s plan for me to do this scheduling job. How so?
1) I randomly send in a few resumes into recruit express just a day after my exams last semester ended just because i see my peers doing it and I immediately got a call from the agent asking if he could send in to some Hong Kong company and I agreed without thinking much. And then on that evening I was asked to go for an interview the next day. To be honest a few days beforehand I was telling my friends that I want to rest for my entire holidays. 
2) During the interview, I was told that my
Job scope would include budgeting, hr stuff, booking flights and hotels and I told her honestly that I got no experience but I find it a good challenge for me to take up. After the interview I was kind of afraid actually and I hope I don’t get chosen.
However I told God that if it is part of His plan for me, so be it. 
3) I was chosen out of 6 other people. And I also realised that this Hong Kong company is actually a government office. 
4) I went in totally doing something not mentioned at all in the interview.
I ended up not working for her but for somebody else and did scheduling which I definitely have no experience in. But I picked up time management skills, understand more things at a government level. 
God do throw surprises like this and yes I think I performed better in this job as compared to my internship. 
My laptop is kind of damaged now. I tried starting it up on Friday night and it just freeze at the start screen. I’m just sighing like why does it have to do this to me and I may have to call up the technical service people to help me. 
But then I found out another thing that made me grateful instead. 
This week I was supposed to be doing my projectionist duty in church. Which means I have to prepare the PowerPoint and certain stuff for the service. 
But then I mistakenly thought that last week was my duty and I did it last week instead. The person in charge of last week also didnt know it was her duty that week and somehow it just falls perfectly into place that I’m doing it instead. If not,last week the service may be disrupted and it has serious consequences. 
My laptop died on me on Friday, imagine if I went according to schedule, this week is my duty and I would have a major headache because I need the laptop to do my stuff. 
I believe its God’s plan. Like really if I didn’t mistakenly assume its my duty last week, 2 bad things would have happen. 
Firstly, last week service would have been disrupted because the person who is on duty will be terribly late and unprepared because she forgotten she is on duty.  
Secondly, this week service may have some hiccups because my laptop died on me on Friday. 
I’m thankful to God for his help in my job and in my projectionist duty. What seems as a mistake could be a blessing in the end actually. God is full of surprises. 

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