My salary finally came in today. But i didnt feel particularly happy. When i first started working, i was anticipating the things i can do when i finally get my salary. But now, i just feel empty.
Reason mainly is because of my family problems. I want to really rant here but it is too sensitive to be mentioned here. And so like always, i try to keep it in myself. And then i feel lousy and start acting stupid.

To be honest, all i wanna do now is to just lie in bed, listen to music, watch videos, laugh to myself, talk with my friends and just stop working.

I got 2 weeks to go and i know time will pass really fast but i am losing motivation. I want control over my time. But this is just a feeling and i know it will pass, so i am not going to hastily quit.

I need a new earpiece, one side of my earpiece is not working since late August actually. I purposely am delaying the need to buy a new one until i get my salary. And so now i should feel happy and proud that i can get one.

But i am not, i just feel tired. Work has been actually pretty smooth for me but i am finding it meaningless.

Just feel empty.


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