Knowledge, Intitution and Love

“Knowledge puffs up, but love edifies” 

This is a bible verse and I forgotten where I saw it. This is a powerful statement. 
Knowledge puffs up a person, which means the person becomes more smarter and more proud because the person knows more. 
But love edifies, which means that love is what keeps the person from becoming full of himself, from being arrogant and narrow minded. 
Love and knowledge goes hand in hand together. Knowledge cannot be gained unless the person has an learning and humble attitude. Humility stems from love, where the person recognise that there is value in others and thinks from the others point of perspective. 
With knowledge comes with more responsibility. Knowledge and love comes into action when the person displays the knowledge by sharing with others and not just keeping it to himself. 
Knowledge I mean generally refers to good things, experiences.
Intitution I believe is God given. For nobody is able to pinpoint out the exact reason on how they come to learn of this knowledge. Whether it is about being wary of certain people and getting it right or sensing danger or predicting of bumping into people during the day. 
And I believe that God gives everybody this gift to protect ourselves. But we cannot make all decisions purely on intitution because it is not 100% accurate. 
Love is described in a lots of ways, like kindness and pure. Personally I think love is courage and is built upon principles. 
Why courage? Because love requires people to be vulnerable to feel the emotions of others, to understand and accept them and to love others by taking care of them. A hurt person would do the opposite of these things and that is how hate and bitterness comes about. A hurt person will lock up their hearts and also lock up the ability to learn because they based everything on assumptions. 
Why principles? People cannot love each other blindly and not be aware of each other flaws. Love brings about knowledge and it brings about virtues such as kindness, generosity, humility and open mindness. To love others with a knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses and to help them become a better person. 
Love requires trust. U cannot love another person if you don’t know what they stand for. 

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