Maid leaving

I didn’t expect myself to be writing a post on this.

I will miss my maid definitely but not to the point where i will cry. After all we still can stay in contact through Facebook.

But i teared this morning, because of my 4 year old brother.

He knew that she was leaving and i can see the sadness behind his eyes. But he is trying to stay strong, he try to remain as cheerful and composed as he could be. And when i help to take a photo for both my maid and him, i can see his depth of sadness.

I know its crazy right, for me to understand and feel what he is feeling. After all he is just a 4 year old kid, how can he think so much. Yup it is true, and the foolish me is taking on the depth of all his emotions. I got affected by it and when i step out of my house, i teared quite a bit.

So i am mentally telling myself not to hire maids in the future. it is so emotionally agonizing for kids because they have to leave every 2 years.

Okay time to move on.

I am ending work in another 2 weeks, YAY!!

Cannot wait for it to end, and i am looking forward to the final semester of my poly because i can see my friends again.

I want to make this final semester the most cherished one. And i always hope that these friendships will continue on to adulthood.

I am just a sentimental person.

I cannot bear separation, who can truly say they can master the feeling of separation?

Nobody is ever 100 per cent ready for that.


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