Ever since primary 1, my family started to hire maids.

As of now, i have 4 maids that have come and go in my family.

The longest a maid ever stayed with my family is 6 years. That period was when i was from pri 3 all the way to secondary two. And that period was kind of significant because my parents divorce when i was in primary 4. My maid was somehow the only constant companion that took care of me and my sister at that time.

So i have emotional attachments towards them. I treated them like one of my own kin, and will share with them the problems that i am facing and joke with them.

I remember the saddest moment i have was when my maid that stayed with me for 6 years left. How to let go?

Well time help me to get over it. And i have lost all contact with her because i moved house and my house number have changed.
I told myself to not get too emotionally attached to them from then onward because they have to leave one day.

But i still did somehow get emotionally attached to them. After all the best person to talk to about your problems freely and without judgement is them. And i make sure that they set up facebook or something so i can connect with them even after they left.

My current maid is leaving in a week time. Although we can still keep in contact, i still feel sad.

Like a sad cycle, a new maid comes in. From the stage of awkwardness to knowing each other better to becoming comfortable with each other and to that stage of parting.

Sad isn’t it?
That cycle can be applied to friendships also.

But life is like this. People will leave one day. You have no idea when also.

But till that moment comes, cherish every moment spent with them. So that even after they left, the memories will stay in our hearts forever.


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