Comfortable is not too good at times

From the title above, you may presume that I will say something along the lines of

One must undergo trials and difficulties to grow and staying comfortable actually stifles the person. 
Let’s see this from a different angle.
When I say comfortable, I mean staying in a office job for years, climbing the corporate ladder and then retiring with lots of money. 
What’s wrong with that? There is definitely nothing wrong with that. But if everybody stays in that mentality where I work to live, eat and play with my loved ones and friends. Then this world will become selfish. Selfish as in only caring about themselves and their loved ones.
Maybe in between their free time and maybe when they retire, they may do
some voluntary charity work to help.
But that’s about it. 
I’m not saying that the majority of the world is selfish now, there are people out there who work for the community and truly loves people. I’m not saying that office work is bad, it is vital for the country to survive. But there is a trap
of  easily settling into the comfortable lifestyle and then the circle of life is only limited to their own loved ones. 
It is hard to get out once the comfortable lifestyle has been established. People will only care about themselves and that will have a negative impact on the community. Why? 
People wouldn’t trust others other then those in their circle. Office politics will increase, people will naturally think about themselves first before thinking of others. When that happen, they wouldn’t even think of helping the poor or needy people in their community because they care about their social standing first.
Inequality will be even more obvious. The government will have a harder time trying to unite the country. 
Yesterday I read the news article that Myanmar political woman figure Aung Su Kyi said that they won’t learn from Singapore in some areas. She mentioned that our education system creates out people who are meant for workforce. Which means literally that the education system churns out graduates who are intellectually educated and not really on character development. 
This is quite a bad thing because we have no soul to speak of. The government is now shifting its focus to character development which is good but the results must come from the people themselves.
Let us think beyond our circle and expand our thinkings. The world is in so much turmoil and there will always be people out there who are hurting and need help. 
All these thoughts just came from one single thought that I have when I was on my way to work this morning. 
The thought that I’m happy it’s midweek and I believe everybody else is too. But then with this same mindset undergoing the same routine week after week. No wonder people will say time pass very fast. This same routine somehow prevents the office worker from thinking bigger things other than their work, family and friends.
As each year passes like that, they will somehow forget their bigger dreams and by the time they want to fulfil it, they are too old to do so. 
So being comfortable is not too good. 

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