Sometimes having to give a title to my post frustrates me because my thoughts are usually just flowing with no boundaries. Okay lets move on.

I do know that certain areas i have to step up. I cannot stay the same in that spot forever. Like being a projectionist leader in my church. I have been kind of slacking off because i am still relying on the overall leader. So used to depending on him but this got to stop. I should be more proactive as a leader, and i will get rid of this laziness within me.

Time management…

In work i created an excel to do list so that i will not miss out on any appointments that my boss have to attend. Should i create one for myself too? But i dont really have much to do, i just need to work, do my ministry duties and do what i want. Contemplating in process. It looks stressful too if i create because it reminds me of work.

I attended my distant cousin’s wedding last night. I do not know them personally at all. Watching their video on how they fall in love with each other is so beautiful 🙂 Romantic thoughts coursing through my head, and will be kept to myself 😛
Their wedding photos include places like the backdrop of the buildings at Marina Bay, Esplanade areas. It is pretty but then i was thinking if they actually work in one of those buildings, wont they feel stressed when they see the photos because the work building is there? Okay i think i am just stressed over my work.

Actually my work is not so complicated, it is me who over thinks. I am not thinking of it but my heart is on anxious mode for tomorrow’s work. Bad habit i have here.

I am looking forward to the half day afternoon leave on wed, because i need to go hospital for skincare appointment. So no need to work! Haha.

Somehow i am making sure that i have something to look forward to in the week, like meeting up friends for dinner and doing my hobbies. I gain more emotional recharge like this 🙂 And of course, praying to God everyday unload my worries and listen to christian songs keeps my mind off myself and on Him. 🙂


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