Old channel 8 Dramas

Before i go to my main topic, i just want to get this feeling out of my chest.

I am feeling scared of work. That brief moment of fear. I think that is because my boss texted me at 7 plus, after my working hours asking me about work. It disrupt my peace. Private time is important to me, i need it to relax and to recharge. That text took me by surprise. Its not that i am angry over it, but i am not used to disruption.

Okay done releasing, no more dwelling on it.

So now, back to main topic. Old channel 8 dramas are a big part of my childhood. I watched it when i was young all the way to now. Just want to share what drama actually impacted me that i still can remember it.

同一屋檐下 《20_episodes》 My Love, My Home


A pity the video could not be displayed. The story is about kinship. About how a big brother was reunited back to his family.

Home in Toa Payoh
I remember the song. Haha this drama is very local, how people make a living.
The Beginning

Shaun Chen acted really well as the bad guy. Money or relationship? Greed is not good.

Man at Forty

The theme song is really meaningful. The story is about how a rich pampered guy beome poor due to the difficulties of life and become mature and successful

The Reunion

The story is about how three best friends become enemies because of the life choices that they have made. The cast acted really well. It make an impression on me.

The Unbeatables II

Zoe Tay and Li Nanxing. Haha the world of gambling with all the crazy effects. Tay Ping Hui has an evil twin. I still can remember bits and pieces of it.

Rhythm of Life

If you were given a chance to relive the same moment again, what choice would you make?
The song and story impacted me. Small decisions may end up as the biggest blessing or regret.

All these dramas are some of the stronger memory that i have.


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