Woke up with a running nose today. Been sneezing all the way šŸ˜¦

But it has been a relaxing morning. Listening to music and watching music videos.

I used to listen to this song

So fitting for this morning

I am still holding onto this belief that it is possible to find a meaningful job, find genuine people who are kind at heart and an environment that encourages unity and love.
It sounds too idealistic especially in this world that is chaotic and selfish but i believe that there are people out there who seeks for the same things that i desire too.
A cynical adult was once a disappointed young kid.
I do not believe that everybody was born to be selfish and cynical, life have thrown them disappointing situations that they was not prepared for. And some felt that they do not deserve to get this, and they become bitter. They refused to let go of the bitterness and they trap themselves in it.
But i believe that people can change, that if they are shown the right way, given the love that they need and realise that they have the power to take charge, they can become happy and carefree again šŸ™‚

My dreams for this world is too big to achieve, i admit.
There will always be somewhere, someone hurting.
But my desire is to see people reaching their fullest potential and dreams. Seeing people being full of joy and hope. Seeing people using their trials to turn it into something positive.

So then how shall i go about making it a reality?

Be a counselor? Need to study psychology and be certified.
Be a social worker? Study for a social work degree
Be a hr professional in a non profit organization?
Be a entrepreneur? Need experience and money

This desire did not come about naturally. I believe that God placed this desire inside me. So since He put it inside me, i am believing that He will have a plan to bring it into fruition. And i also believe that the trials i have faced in the past is to make me wiser and stronger.

I still have not much of an clue on where to go after graduation. Although yes i have choices, but i want to get a confirmity from God. I dont want to throw myself into uni, studying for a degree that i may not even use in the future.


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