I have working for nearly one week plus and i have learned many things.

I believe this job is going to teach me time management skills.

Part of my job includes making appointments, scheduling them and following up. Another part requires me to find relevant news articles from different countries and another part of it goes to doing ad hoc work or urgent things out of the blue. So i have to be alert at all times.

Work is hectic, i wont go and describe it further.

So for me personally, i always make it a point to go to work with a peace of mind and doing relaxing things after work to unwind. This is so that i gather enough energy and motivation for the next working day. It does make a significant positive difference in my own mood levels during the day.

When travelling to work, i ensure that i do not have to rush. I walk at a comfortable pace, and this is one of the many ways i relax. I will try not to purposely worry of the many things i have to do ahead of me. When i end work, i will put down my stressful self and just throw all my worries to God. I will do my best in between.

It is a matter of perspective. My motivation are mainly internal. So an emotional state of mind is important for me.

Anyway i have like about 5 to 6 weeks to go before i end my work šŸ™‚
And then i can rest for one week before i start my final semester in NYP.
Time passes really fast. Have to cherish every moment.


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