Topic on Offense

Hi! Today marks the 4th day of work since i entered last Thursday.

So far everything has been going well and i am getting more and more familiar with my work. Although i do make mistakes, i am thankful that my boss is understanding and is willing to teach me. I will try to make sure that i wont make the same mistakes again. I do not like making mistakes, especially when it affects others. I am really thankful for everything so far.

Recently i have been reading this book about the dangers of living in the trap of being offended. It really brought the real truth out of a seemingly trivial matter.

An offense on its own may seem trivial and not really harmful. But if it stays there for too long, the offense will turn into something more harmful and the consequences can affect the person for life.
Being offended/ Offending others is unavoidable, because we are all imperfect. But the decision lies on how we choose to react to it. To forgive or not to forgive? The choice is yours.

Not forgiving is easy, Forgiving is not easy. Everybody have their own standards on what merits forgiveness and not forgiving. Apparently although not forgiving a certain person gives the person the upper hand as he/she can use that to justify their actions and be cruel towards that certain person. But the truth is, not forgiving enslaves and does not free anybody. Because when that person chooses not to forgive, he/she has let the hurt turn into hatred and into bitterness. The person naturally builds up a self defense wall, not allowing people in as he/ she is afraid of getting hurt again. When that person goes into a new relationship with another person, he/she will bring along those hurts and that prevents the person from fully opening himself/herself to others. When troubles come, the person would not be able to find people to confide in because he/she has let fear rule him/her. And the cycle repeats.

Forgiveness requires courage and the openness to accept another person’s flaws. It requires humility. But the goodness will shine through. When that person forgives, he/she is willing to be open, to free himself/herself from his/her own perspectives and have a bigger view of the situation. Everybody wants to live a carefree life. The first step is to forgive. Forgiveness means when i look at that certain person, i will no longer be reminded of the hurts that he/she have done to me. I will accept that person and love them for who they are.

Try not to take everything personally. Choose to not feel offended. Start with small things.

Every morning, i have to squeeze myself in the train to get to work. There are times when i am faced with uncomfortable situations from people. I choose not to feel offended.
Everything feels better when i choose not to feel offended. Being thankful really can brightens up a person’s day.

The fruit of forgiveness? Love, Maturity.


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