Great start to the holidays!

2 months of holidays have started officially last thursday! Yay!

On Sunday, i visited USS with my poly friends and it was extremely fun! It was my first time taking a rollercoaster, i took the mummy ride. And well its just …. for me, i closed my eyes majority of the ride and i did not scream because i told myself not to. But i can still feel the aftereffects of it. Lol. Took the other rides too and watched the 4D Shrek movie. For that whole duration when i was in USS, i really feel like a kid all over again and i so wanna go back there again ūüôā

Here are some photos that i have stolen from Jiayi from Facebook ūüôā

So what are my current plans hmmm……

I am planning to look for a job. To be honest ever i have not worked during holidays ever since end of sec 4, so i guess i need to. After all i am graduating soon, and i am turning into a adult already. Some things have to happen, what more i am the eldest. Time to be independent!
I am hoping to get a job in this week and start working next week.

And that is all, goodbye!


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