My wish for Singapore

I really felt a strong urge to post this especially after watching yesterday National day’s rally.

Yesterday i really payed close attention to the Prime Minister’s speech mainly because i am really concerned for Singapore’s future and also because i am going to be a working adult soon. Seeing the unrest in other countries in the middle east, i am really grateful that we have a stable government with wise leaders.

The changes that the Prime Minister have made to the policies are really wonderful. Especially the changes to the scoring system of PSLE and creating more pathways for secondary school students. It drives home the core values and push away the exaggerated emphasis on the importance of grades. Hearing how people have taken leave just to assist their child in sitting through PSLE which is a primary 6 examination really annoys me. Personally in my opinion, PSLE does not determine a child’s future, i think O-levels have a much greater impact. After PSLE, everybody have to go on to secondary school regardless of their results but O levels will either push you out of school, or go to a poly/ JC and you have to really think about what path you have to think because its gonna influence your future career.  But i believe what matters most in education for a child is to develop the child’s fullest potential and give him/her the encouragement and resources to pursue his/her dreams.

This competitive and narrow mindset have to change. There are opportunities for all, it is a matter of perspective. Recently i read from a magazine that working adults in Singapore are really stressed everyday and that 66% of them preferred a meaningless job that pays well rather than taking on a low paying but meaningful job. Most of them after working all prefers to spend their remaining time sleeping. Reading this article disheartens me. What is the point of having a physically beautiful country but the people are too stressed to even appreciate it. What about having a gracious and loving culture? Everybody all wants to go and sleep after working, i do not think they will want to go the extra mile in helping others.

So what are we gonna do about this? I think it all starts from making changes to the workplace environment. (Haha suddenly thought about HR and WHP) Yes, making positive changes to the workplace environment, maximizing productivity with a more flexible environment. Having an environment which encourages more participating and less authoritative commanding, where team unity matters more than profit making. ( Yes i am crazily supporting team unity) After all team unity leads to enhanced productivity and then to making more profits 🙂 Making changes to the physical work environment, adding more vibrant colors to the plain grey walls of the office. it make people feel more relax when working.  Step by step changes like this can make a huge difference to the country as a whole in the long run. People are more willing to help others when they have enough love to give from their own.

But then again it is easy to say but not easy to implement. After all the decision lies in the companies themselves. The government cannot force them anyway :/ But they can encourage 🙂 More workplace friendly policies? Haha. But still i am in full support behind them.

I really admire PM Lee for his vision, it is not easy to think out of a 20 year future plan for a country. Even i myself have a bit/ no idea on what i am going to do a year from now, what more 20 years. Thank God for wise leaders.

My wish for Singapore is for a

A united and caring society where we treat everybody as one regardless of our background and nationality

A country where people can reach their dreams

A country that excels not only academically and economically but in the arts and music as well

A country whose people are proud of wherever we may go

A country that truly makes anybody feels like home


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