In quietness that when you find strength

Examinations are approaching in this coming week. I have been studying and getting annoyed that I seems to be able to not remember any information that went in. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I had not have a long break for more than a year and I’m mentally tired. 

This afternoon I went up to Facebook and there is a pop up saying I have a new message from God. It’s actually a Christian group that created this and send encouraging messages to anybody who follow it. I find it so wonderful that the creators even have this idea. Those messages really encourage me each time I read it and sometimes I really feel it is from God. 
And so today message was: it’s okay to play. And so I decided to take a break. And when I went back to studying a few hours later, the info really went in 🙂 really am happy over simple things like this. 
I have less than a year before I graduate. People around me have been asking recently what are my future plans. I have been worrying about that too. After all I always wanted to do social work, I feel that God has called me to do a job to help people. But it seems weird that I jump straight into it after getting a business diploma. 
My friends advise me to get a business degree first and then work in a non profit business as a hr executive or after getting the degree, work straight as a social worker. I find both choices great but I still have this uneasy feeling. Maybe I think too much? After all whatever decision I make does have a huge impact on my future. 
I have been praying, impatiently wanting God to give me a definite sign on what I’m supposed to do. Obviously I have no answer as of now. But I just feel peaceful,  kind of feeling that everything will work out somehow even though my gpa sucks. 
In quietness I find strength, this is what God wants me to learn. I always worry over everything and its draining me. I have to learn how not to taking everything under my control and have to leave it to God. 
Really it’s difficult handling everything by myself. Especially when some things are beyond my control. And I thank God that He is there and I can just kind of throw everything to Him. I always believe that things will turn out fine somehow. 
To Do what is right, to love mercy and to walk humbly with God. That is enough. 🙂

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