Would you have done anything differently if you were given a choice?

I will really say no, not at all. For i think i am meant to be in that circumstance to bring myself here today. And i do not know where i might end up in 10 years time. But i know that God is in control.
One thing i learnt though is that, the right people will stay in your life if they are the right ones. Not in terms of being morally upright but the people who truly understand and love you for who you are. These are the people that sustain you through dry periods. Even though they cannot be there all the time but knowing they are around is just good enough to keep you going for another day.
I thank God that i have good friends to turn to for support when i am down. Although most of the time i fight my own demons alone because i tend to bottle up myself. I do face dry seasons, dry moments. And it is a daily battle within my own mind, telling myself to be more bold in some areas, more easygoing in some. And most of all, battling against insecurity which can stem from anything. Sometimes i just let my mind go blank and just have faith that everything will work itself out one day ( which i truly believe).
But always just at the line where i am about to give up, i am suddenly reminded of the people around me, who viewed me in a good way. And i realize that i should not be so selfish to give up and i will be better for the ones i love.
There are definitely good seasons too, although i think it does not last long. But all those good times are always on my mind. Sometimes i still feel really upset when those people who create all those good memories are no longer in my life. Bittersweet. But it is a fact that people come and go, like seasons. They are right for me in that particular juncture in my life, but not for all of my life. I believe that everyone will meet their own right people too as long as they do not become too cynical and harden their own hearts. For hardening hearts is what causes people to fall into misery, unable to come out of the hole they gotten themselves into.
Life is too wasted for people to hate, too valuable for people to love and too precious to create a amazing journey for people to tread on.

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