July 2013, Second half of the year

Just 2 weeks ago, i went for church camp. It has been 4 years since i last attended a church camp, due to conflict with school schedules. I went with no expectation, i just want to refresh myself. It is my first holiday in 2 years ūüėģ The church camp was great, once again i feel inspired and hopeful. And i am more confident to go back to strengthen my relationship with God.

There are 2 sentences that i remember from the speaker and it impacted me greatly
” The greater the pain, the greater the joy, the closer God actually is to you”
” What matters most on earth is your walk with God”

These 2 sentences set my life back on track. The first sentence comforts me that i am not alone and God is in control. The second sentence makes me realize the importance of walking with God and worldly possessions does not matter. Since God is in control, i do not have to worry so much.

My heart feels youthful again. Right now i am crammed with projects, but i am trying not to be so worried about it. I am thankful that i can call on God anytime and release my fears to Him.

I am just praying that all my project presentations will go smoothly. I am praying also that my groups will be more committed and motivated to do the best for the projects. I am quite particular about team unity. I am more sensitive to the atmosphere of the group i am in. So i get affected if the atmosphere is not good. I just love the idea of having a team that can work well together towards a common goal. Even if we did not get an A in the end, but at least the process was memorable.

But then again not everybody is like me, so i just make do with what i have.

Let me do the best for the rest of this year and end it well.


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