Laughing at all my previous posts

Hi to myself!

It has been 3 years since i last posted. Right now i am in my final year of Nanyang Poly. Next year i will graduate.
Time flies, people change, different situations, this is life. Change is constant.
Definitely i have become more mature as compared to 3 years ago, but i am still learning.
i always told myself not to become cynical in the past as i observed how unhappy adults can be.
But sometimes life often throws you off track and you cant help thinking that way too.
I am grateful that i have a God to rely on, that i have the privilege of knowing Him since young.
That indeed has given me a hope to move on and the needed strength when i fall.

I have not kept in contact with any secondary school friends except for one. I used to have a group of friends that i thought our friendship could last through life. But no it didnt, in fact my best friend broke up the friendship with me because of a silly reason. I was upset back then, till now i still cannot believe that 4 years of friendship could end just like that. But now i feel that maybe it is fine for our values were different and maybe they were not meant to be in my future. I do check up on them occasionally out of curiosity, i wish them all the best.

These past 3 years have given me a taste of how reality feels like in the outside world. But deep down i still believe that everyone is good inside, it is the environment that is causing people to be selfish and competitive. I find it even more important to cling on to hope and always look at the wide perspective. I do not want to lose myself and just be a person controlled by circumstances.

Reading my posts here is really humorous.
I do not regret though, for i am who i am today because of my past.


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