Why must you always sound right when u are in the wrong too?
Why must you use hurtful words to injure me?
Why just you give up when I didn’t ?
Why must you have this reactive attitude where you behave according to how people treat you?
Why must you let circumstances rule your life?
Why is your tone different whenever you speak to us as compared to your family – i want that tone too
Why must you always be so stubborn?
Why can’t you let go of the past and forgive?
Why can’t you look forward to the future?

Why am I so affected by you?
Why do I yearn to see you laugh or smile ?
Why am I so easily hurt by you?
Why am I hoping for a miracle?
Why do I tell myself to change?
Why do i make more effort?
Why do I want your encouragement ?
Why do I get angry ?
Why do I cry?

Because I love you like I love my mom. You are the main female figure since I’m stayin with you.
I look up to you as how people look up to their mom.
I yearn for your love, your encouragement.
I do not want your sarcastic words.
I want to see you laugh.
I do not want you to keep focusing on past hurts.
If I can let go, why couldn’t you?
I want to be a good daughter to you .
How long must this misery go on before you and I can be finally close??
I cried secretly so many times because I know that things can be better, but it seems impossible.
If you give up, how am I going to continue on hoping?
I may be very bad and rude to you in the past. But past is past!
Do not let that ruin the future ok?


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