Three most important things that keeps a person from going insane


I do not know how to explain my exhausted state of mind which has been there since i do not know when.
Its like i just want to be home, lie on my bed and simply do nothing. 
I do not want to go out, having to put my guard up since the outside world is so different and unfeeling. But i have to because i need to, for school and everything.
One more week to holidays and then i can rest.
I need time for myself if not i might go insane, becoming somebody that i do not want to be.
Life is so ironic at times. Its like you tell yourself that you are not going to end up like what others become due to certain circumstances. But when those circumstances come, you try your best to not be like them but somehow you actually become and you do not know how that just happen.
Relying on my own strength to get through difficult situations is not enough, that what i have learnt. Although there are times when i just refused to face that fact.
I turn to God, pray, put in my 100% effort and just hope…….
Faith in times of problems
Hope in times of pressures
Love in times of conflicts
Yes that what keeping me sane, keeping me from negative thoughts.

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