17 Aug 2012

2 more weeks to go before holidays!!

Since March till now, i have not had any proper rest or enjoyment due to TEP. I really do need the holidays for a few reasons.
1. To be fit and healthy again: 
My energy level now is very depressing. Just a shift at cheers, standing for about 3 and a half hours can already deplete most of my energy for the day. As a result, i look worn out and my friends are asking me if i am all right because i also look sad. I need to eat more and maybe try exercising. Since i graduated from secondary school, i had not been exercising. 
I am also suffering from sleeping problems, i had to struggle for an hour plus before i can sleep. An average person takes just 7 minutes! Overthinking and not breathing well are the contributing factors as to why i cannot sleep well. I need my sleep now more then ever before.
2. To work and earn money:
Its a pity that i cannot travel during this one month plus break. Because my sister is forever busy with her CCA and her holiday periods are different from mine 😦 So far this year, i have not travel to other countries other then malaysia. And my only last opportunity comes at the final 2 weeks of december 😦 I hope that there will not be projects that i am tied to. 
So i cannot be possibly rotting at home during this break, i might go to work in either retail or admin stuff. No F & B because my wrists have no strength. I might end up breaking everything. I shall earn some money for my own use.
3. To be emotionally renewed:
Now i am finding my life a drag, i am not laughing much and feeling anything. No proper time to rest have caused this. I also have not been spending time with God too. And if this continues on, i will become moody and not happy at all. Time to renew and refocus myself on the purpose that i committed myself into 🙂
These are the reasons why i really need. Just self motivate myself for this final 2 weeks and i can fully rest after that 🙂

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