My church is a small church but close bonded within. Even though i may not be really close but I am comfortable being with them.

I had been in Agape community church for about 8 years. I joined since end 2004 when my auntie brought my family over. At first I was really reluctant especially since I am previously from City Harvest, the church I grew up in.

But nevertheless, as time went by, I gradually become comfortable although I am still awkward at times. My family moved to another church end 2010. I am the only one still attending this church. It was hard to get used at first because I am not particularly close to them except for one or two. But I never regret because I want to be in this church.

Agape community church was where I accepted Christ as my saviour , got baptised and learn more about God. I have seen this church in its up and down moments, which actually motivates me to stay on, to help create a better future.

Recently a lot of guest speakers has came and prophesied saying that God is going to bless and expand the church even more. This come in the event where we are going to merge with Herald Assembly in the near future.

Although I am still slightly fearful because I have to meet new people and get used to the new merged church, I am excited too. I believe that the prophesices made by the guest pastors will come to pass by the will of God. It’s not something that is made up by themselves for its not possible.

Looking forward to the unknown but exciting future šŸ™‚

Always expect the unexpected šŸ™‚


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