Sometimes I act like a total whiny person, making narrowed judgements on others and things. Sometimes I worry so much and I imagine the worst scenarios possible. Sometimes I become moody and want to shut off the world.

That is because I am a human. And it’s only through God’s grace that I do my best to stop myself whenever I feel like that.

During those times whenever after I did that, my conscience will prick me. I feel so bad that I will apologise first. I did it to save the friendship with the person.

I just want to be sincere although times and times circumstances try to convince me that I am too naive to do that. That I should have be more smart and cunning.

But praise to God! He protects me and deliver me out through every circumstance. That is why I aim to continue to be sincere and helpful to others. For we are all fellow human beings and nobody is above the other.

I do speak bad words from time to time. I am not perfect but I will do my best to be better šŸ™‚

I blog this not to convince others but more to myself. To tell myself not to give up.

Love is not easy but it’s better then hate


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