Significant dates on my christian journey

2006: The year when i first accepted Jesus Christ as my savior

2008: The year when i fell into a deep depression but walked out of it thanks to God’s grace
December 24, 2011: Baptism! Something that i had been avoiding because i am shy and insecure but i did it!
July 28, 2012: Officially become a member of Agape Community Church. I had been in this church since end 2004
God has been with me every step of the journey. Although i do apologize to Him for being slow in certain areas, like baptism, i get to know his Word more and more. I understand more and more because of his leading. And it helped me to redefine what my real priorities are, become more confident and knowing what i should be doing.
I still am lacking in many areas. Like getting impatient and annoyed easily. Sometimes in the midst of wanting to persuade others, i forget to be nice. Things like this that wanna  makes me just give up trying to be better. I am glad that He is right by my side, forgiving me and help me to know that i do not need to prove myself to be better then others.


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