Bad at conflicts or unhappy times

Nobody likes conflicts or unhappy moments but it is bound to come because everyone is imperfect. Through these experiences, we can only get stronger in learning how to handle it but not how to stop the bad feelings inside.

I personally do not like conflicts or people to be unhappy because of me and it’s much more worse if I do not know why they are unhappy with me. At such moments, I will not confront but just quietly disappear. I hate confrontations, just caused my heart to break once again.

Not saying that confrontations are forever bad but I am bad at it. I cannot phrase my words out carefully and people will end up not understanding at all. Sometimes I even cry because there is this frustration that I could not express.

I take it as a cue to leave if I feel and see that I am not included. And particularly if I know that I am a hindrance. Definitely it’s not easy making this decision. But if both sides gain, I will do it. I know that there are things that people are unhappy with and it’s gonna take a big upheaval if I were to change.

Today towards the end of my shift , I screwed up certain stuff and I feel deeply guilty . It gonna cause inconvenience to the morning shift people tmr šŸ˜¦ heh that why I hate myself at times like this.

I do not aim to please people but I do aim to make sure that I am doing my part well so people will not get hold up because of me.

I do feel insecure at times. That is why I cannot thrive in a environment where there no trust but lots of expectations. I think everybody else also do not like to be in this too.

I thank God that there is a day and night . So that tomorrow will be a brand new day:)


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