Stay alive !

Everyone around me seems to be tired nowadays due to their own problems and the air is heavy. Subconsciously even i also got affected by it and get sad with my own problems too when i think about it.

To be honest, my problems especially with matters of the heart is mostly between me and God. I do not tell anyone else because they are already filled with problems of their own or i think they may not understand me truly or just simply i do not want to share. i do  not want to sound like a whiny person although i do complain. But my complaints are mostly minor and short-lived. 
It is not really possible that i can get by just having God to know only. Sometimes when a big challenge occurs, i really feel like breaking down. And so i focus on other things, focus on everything else except the problem. Not that i am running away but i try not to let it affect my life too much. 
God may not be physically there but he is with me in spirit. There are many cases where i have seen His helping hand in my situations. Even if the situation seems critical, i will still emerge okay in the end. Christian songs brings me renewed strength and hope. Plus i have people who do cares for me, through small little gestures. It is enough to make my day worthwhile. 
Point of grace consists of a group of lady singers whose songs are inspirational. Check this out!
Something so good is very uplifting.
You’ll  never walk alone is a touching encouraging song.
I also enjoy songs from Hillsong  like:
Worthy is the lamb
And many more….
Its not a matter of how may years i live but a matter of how i make each moment a beautiful one. 
All in all everything is a work in progress. 
Faith and Trust are my closest companions.
I will depend on God to finish the task and not people.
Because often then not, expectations of people should not be there as people are not things.

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