Too many blogs!

I just noticed that i got too many blogs.
The simple reason is because i kept my innermost thoughts and i find it vulnerable to share them out.
So i have one public one and a private one.
But then i feel that i am not really being honest if i do not show it.

And so i am going to reveal them, for once only. All these thoughts existed in the past and so please do not be too offended by it. Its me at that juncture, that moment in time what i am really feeling. Do not judge me by my past feelings, but rather see how i am doing from now on.

I will try my best to be as honest as possible. But do not expect me to reveal everything especially when i am feeling unhappy, furious or what. Because i will be saying things i should not say =.=

Here it goes:
2008 :
And this blog…

Being genuine is what i truly aim, yes i might be exposing my weakness to people but that how i can really grow. Its a firm foundation. I thank God for being there all this time.


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