To win or to gain?

Now I am in my second year in nanyang polytechnic doing business management with specialisation in human resource. Currently under some TEP programme for this semester.

I am still contemplating furthering my studies in human resource in the future because my passion for it is not that strong as compared to working in non profit organisations. Human resource was a financial incentive for me actually .

But first things first, would I meet the GPA to get into university? For now not at all, I am underneath. I am hoping that this TEP will help to improve my GPA but I think it will maintain it instead.

That the most frustrating things for students studying in Singapore. Grades predetermine the future, not principles. From young, I heard people saying of you screw up PSLE, you will not get into a good secondary school, not get into a good junior college and not get into a good course in university. This is not a fact, it’s a self fulfilling prophecy.

Why is it so? Screwing up in one major examination does not mean u will screw up any future ones. If you based your future on that myth, you are subjecting yourself to that. You will not have control on your own grades when you actually have. As long as you give your best shot and seek help, you can change your circumstances.

Due to this myth, a strong competitive value is instilled in the student since primary school. To win or to get nothing. And majority of the students become more selfish and less willing to share notes with one another except good friends. So it become a matter of if you do not bring me any benefits, do not expect me to give you one either.

And this continue on to manifest even more when the student goes on to secondary school, junior college and university. When he starts working in society, he also continue since everyone is doing it. It results in a atmosphere of distrust, not harmony.
The only incentive to work is financial gains and he gets more and more dissatisfied. Why? Because money cannot satisfy a person’s heart. Money will subconsciously expand the person’s cravings and become more greedy.

What type of mentality is this called? The scarcity mentality where if you do not become the best, you will not get the best stuff. It’s potentially harmful to a society and it kills the potential for further improvements because everyone is so selfishly working for their benefits and not for the society as a whole.

The opposite of that is the abundance mentality where as long as we work harmoniously together, everyone will get rewarded together. This results in a atmosphere of trust, love and unity. I believe everyone loves this kind of atmosphere because they can receive further strength and not only have to rely on their own strength. Everybody will not only gain financial benefits but the well being of the mind and heart.

Does it sound too good to be true? Nowadays the smart people are those who knows how to get the most benefits. But that does not totally guarantee that they will be happy and satisfied later on.

Singapore is a small country but if the government even crazily wants to put 7 million people inside, it shows something. There is enough chances for everybody to succeed , there is potential. All it takes is a change of mindset, see things with a bigger perspective.

There is a no need to wait for others to change before you could. Do not subject yourself to the external environment but be the change. Do small steps. At first it may sound foolish to some but do not give up because this is a solid foundation. People will see the benefits in the long run. Till then make small steps every day and every moment.


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