Ways to unwind

Hi! I had a shitty day just yesterday and this morning. So stress, i just want to be deaf and blind to my environment around me. Thank God today is Friday and I got the next few days to recharge myself.

I usually unwind by watching super junior stuff. Yes I like them and maybe even crazy but I do not express it out much in public . I like them for being such a humble and talented group. My. first post was about them 🙂

I also read self help inspirational books to motivate myself to be better each day. And more especially so when I keep making mistakes , like my attitude yesterday and this morning. The 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen covey is really practical and it’s timeless.

Or otherwise I will talk crap with my sister. Make jokes and fool around.

But majority is spent on super junior 🙂 they are too awesome. Haha! My laptop is spammed with their videos. Watched them from time to time lightens my mood up 🙂


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