Childhood memories

Childhood was the most carefree experience I had.
The only worries were school work and exams. From time to time when I am bored, I will take out some stuff and relieve the memories all over again. Each memory, be it good or bad or embarrassing is etched on my mind deeply.

During childhood, i like Hi-5 and teletubbies. I remembered always preparing myself to watch when the time comes. I did not enjoy Pokemon though as I am not interested in their powers battle. Those were the times where I spent a long time watching. It used to be kids central and now that it became okto, I didn’t like it anymore. I felt that as the channel is trying to keep itself up with modern times, the shows are getting more childish and not making any sense. Shows that portrayed cartoon characters arguing over every small thing and speaking fast with accents does not educate the kids at all. Or else it they repeated certain shows from kids central.

As a kid, the most favourite activity in the playground would be playing in the swing. It lifts me up and I love the wind that blows into my face with each swing. I do not often go to the playground because I preferred staying indoors. I played with toy houses and jenga blocks. Instead of using the blocks to build a tower, I often used it as soldiers. I like the in control feeling.

When i am outdoors , I mostly played badminton, football and basketball with my sister. We always played it at the void deck near my house. There was a time I accidentally dropped the ball into the drain. I was upset and asked my second aunt what will happen to the ball. She said it might go to Malaysia or something and I believed. I was 9 or 10 at that time.

Just 2 years ago, my sister saw the ball while walking home. She saw it floating in a big drain near my house. She could recognised the ball as the ball got my name and scribblings all over it. A pity she could not take as it was raining at that time and the ball was inside the drain. So I think the ball is gonna tour around Singapore again.

I was really naive and simple minded as a kid. In primary 3, there was this bunch of guy classmates who told me there are ghosts in the backstage of the school hall and asked me to join them to find. In the end, got nothing. There was another classmate who claimed that she is a Christian and tell me that i cannot do certain things or else the devil will come after me. I believed but I woke up when she slapped me one day just because I am trying to get my eraser back from her. It’s funny just thinking about it now.

I was a crybaby when I was primary one. For the first few months, I cried before going to school and before school ends. Why cry before school ends? Well it’s because I am afraid that no one would fetch me home. Primary 3 was the period where I was the most mischievous. I played in school for one whole day ignoring the teacher because he is an old guy.

Bad memories would be I was always bullied through teasing but it wasn’t too bad as its just remarks and nothing else. I found a good friend there too and still keep in contact till today.

I also get caned at home. There was once i got caned before going to school as I lied saying I completed my assessment books when I did not. When I reach school,my arms and legs were filled with cane marks. The vice principal knew me at that time and she called my mum asking why. After school, my mum just passed the cream to my maid telling her to apply it on me. I realised that she still cared after all.

My parents divorced when I was primary 4, I didn’t really feel the impact of it as I was a kid. But over the years as I grow up , I noticed the difference. But I am not too sad because I would not know how the future will turn out actually. I did not expect myself to have 3 more siblings and I thank God for them 🙂 Childhood is over but the memories will stay with me till the end


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