Right now i am at my last stop of my TEP attachment in Nanyang Poly .

I am working at cheers inside the poly.
It has been pretty smooth sailing so far. Getting out of bed at 5 plus every morning is a obstacle for me because i had not done it since i graduated from secondary school.
Inside cheers, i am a RTV, which means i am responsible for returning the expired goods to vendors.
At first i was pretty confused because the file is messy and goods are everywhere. But now i am better.
Today was stocktake day, which only happens once every quarter of the year. Worked two shifts and am so tired to the point where i thought today was thursday =.=
I need to buck up physically as i am feeling that my energy drains out pretty fast. Losing appetite sometimes as i am too obsessed with working. I usually focus on one thing at a time. Thank God that everything is fine.
Sometimes memories will flash back immediately when i stumbled onto a photo or anything that reminds me of it. It is good and bad, because i remember those good memories but at the same time recalled those bad feelings later on. And then i will go into this cycle of what if i had done this..i shouldn’t have said this…type of thoughts. 
Usually i get over it by telling myself that i will create better memories in the future. This will not be the last time i will say it to myself though because i am a human, not a hero. 
I believe that if there is no past, there is no present me and no future me. Although i have to frankly say i hate myself for doing certain actions in the past, but there is where i learnt and pick myself up. And i think just like anyone else, that if there is a no need to talk about the past, then do not say it. 
All in all, life is short so it should be spent meaningfully.

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