100% responsibility  for myself. I hold myself accountable.
Truly it is not easy to make this statement because itis not easy to do.
Simply easier said than done.
My actions, my words, my every movement is held accountable.
And by the grace of God, i will carry it through.
I have to be more patient with myself.

What led to this decision?
My goals and aspirations. I want to make each day count. Not one day sucks and another day awesome, but to consistent make each day meaningful.
To deepen my relationships with people and to be more courageous.

I have a lot of self-help books at home. It inspires me and energize me but so often it only lasts for a few days. Since i do not make plans, so i forget it and feel guilty when i see it.
Stephen Covey books containing the 8 habits really inspires me to see new perspectives.

I need time to be better. Nothing is impossible with God.


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