It seems like i am complaining more and more nowadays =.=


Anyway i am staying over at my grandparents house as my family is in HongKong now. They will be back on Monday night.
Currently my life is carefree and relaxing. I get to do things at my own time and pace. Especially studying at my own pace and i learnt things better.

Simple and carefree life is all i need. Nothing more, nothing less.

Expectations towards others must be lowered to prevent future disappointments. Not to underestimate their potential but to recognize that they are humans too.
Sometimes i do not understand why human relationships is so complicated.
Ulterior motives, suspicions, doubt, lies just everything.
Circumstances either define or make a person stronger. I believe nobody is born to be suspicious of one another. It is the circumstances that they went through to make them this way.
Hating or loving is up to the person’s choice.
Do not blame circumstances for your decisions.
After all your own destiny is in your own hands. Your words and actions comes from your own mind.
Of course its not easy to be responsible for every single action that a person made as he/she made mistakes too.
Trust in God and forgive yourself.


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