Here again

I always am harsh towards myself in terms of my own character, my actions.
From time to time, i take a objective check against myself.

Just like always i reflect on myself again, and there are areas where i had not been my best.
Particularly in my speech, once again i start to get sarcastic and more careless in my choice of words.
I have become more nonchalant and bitter.
Definitely this is not the right way to live, considering that i want to live a life centered on principles.
I have became like this because i keep looking back at the past bad stuff and could not understand why it turns out this way.
It is hard for me to forget the past and move on, or just move on without even thinking about it.
I think too much.
And so i am going to have to once again be more focused on my relationship with God.
I know that i am my best whenever i am close and focused on Him.
True joy and contentment comes from Him, and not worldly stuff.
Worldly stuff can only provide pleasure and joy at that moment but it is not eternal.
It is not to say i am not gonna play anymore.
But rather a shift of priorities.
I  feel secure when i know that God is by my side.
And then i can get rid of the bad me.

CRMCC is officially since a week ago and now i am in class.
It is hard to get back into the studying mode, i need a few more lessons to recover.
New environment again, so far only made 2 new friends.
Mostly everyone are attached to their laptops.
All the lessons can be downloaded so everyone is not really paying attention.
Got test this wednesday.
Blackboard please be up! The server kept failing.
\If it continues to fail, i can jolly well fail my test.


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