Yesterday was one of the most relaxing and smoothest sundays i have šŸ™‚

Kboxed with my crmcc friends. Sang straight for three hours. Sang/screamed until no voice.
Window shopping at bugis street after that.
Ate Tze Char for dinner and its very satisfying.
No hiccups or whatsoever.
Ttuly grateful to God for that šŸ™‚

One fact about me: I like taking personality tests
And i think i have overanalysed myself.
I dun bother anyway.

Well i am a chorleric plus melancholic

Chorleric people are the leadership types who take the lead and are in control. Good leaders but are not good in interpersonal relations as they tend to offend people accidentally with their cutting remarks. Goal oriented individuals, they always pursure it with determination.
They are extoverts.

Melancholic people are perfectionts and idealists. They are deep thinkers and are good at analysing problems. They are introverts and are more prone to negativity as they are sensitive and easily hurt by cutting remarks.

A mix of both and kind of contradictory.

Nowadays i do not know why but i view life with a more bo chap attiude.
I am just taking life one day at a time, am not bothered much and am just contented.
I just do not care much anymore.
Its good in a way but bad also.
I am like sometimes forgetting what my purpose on earth is.

Oh well not dwelling on it much now..


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