Suddenly inspired..thoughts

A person being in solitude for too long may end up depressed, losing the energy and zest for life

A person being out for too long in the company of others may end up rushing through life without pausing to gather his/her thoughts may burn himself/herself out.

Humans need to interact with others but there are times when they need to pause and rest.

But in the world today, they often overemphasize on the first part, but not the latter part.

This is especially obvious in developed countries where people are constantly going through the routine of working for 5 whole days in a week and left only 2 days for themselves. These two days are typically spent on entertainment and leisure. The remaining hours are spent on sleeping. Not many people will actually pause to gather his/her thoughts.

It is very easy to get burned out because not only does the body need rest; the mind needs to stop to recollect everything before continuing its course.  In each of us, we have a unique identity and personality. We have different mindsets and goals too. We also have feelings, the part that really makes us human.  We each also have a soul where we derive our purpose of life from.

Often we focus on the feelings, the ambitions that we have but we neglect the soul part where we derive out purpose of living. Everyone definitely has a reason for living. There are many reasons but what keeps people going is the real one deep inside each person heart.

Most people often have this thought of working hard through life and then only fulfilling their heart desires when they retire.  Personally I do not find this to be the best solution. For we do not know what tomorrow might bring.

It may seems illogical to immediately jump on it without considering the practical consequences. Balance is key.  Time will not wait for us.  Grab the opportunity to do it as soon as you can and make sure to know your priorities.

For when we truly do what we really mean to do, we will find a motivation that sustains us through life’s challenges, be it big or small.  Everything starts with a small step. Starting now is better than waiting till when you are old to do it.

Live as we think and not the other way round.

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