Today i went to school just like usual, working in CRMCC from 9am to 5.30pm.
Its just like the same as the past few weeks, the same routine.
Chatting with friends whenever i am bored and making sure that i do finish my work properly.

I had been really wondering whether i could surivive office life in the future. I am not afraid of the timing but i am afraid of the crowd.
Imagine squeezing in the train to work in the morning, having to find and chop seats with a packet of tissue paper( that what i see most people does) for lunch and squeeze in the train to go home.
From Monday to Friday.

I am comfortable with routine but not with crowds. Getting a car? No way. Not till i get a house of my own. Routine brings stability. Oh well but i see how. I am still thinking of going towards the social services sector. Doing business and helping people at the same time.

Shifting my thoughts to routine. I am more of a planner then a last minute person. And i am usually
happy with this fact. But just recently i realise that its not that awesome.
While it brings stability, it robs you of creativity, limits you from experiencing more of life and it may also steal passion and zest for life.
Especially when nothing changes, you know what is expected.
Balancing is key.

Love this song, especially with the meaningful lyrics.
Love is that pure and that sweet, we are the ones who makes it complicated.

Does really having no money, controls your way of living and you cannot do anything about it.
Circumstances can really force a person to be cynical? Submitting to his/her own fate?

When there’s a will, there will always be a way. I believe it comes down to the person’s determination to get stronger and control the circumstances and not let it control him/her. It also comes down to priorities. What is truly imporatant. Whatever decisions you make early in life will have somehow an impact later on, whether good or bad.
But the good thing is, every day is a new day. What may happened yesterday, you can make the effort to change it.

But if you do not try, then everything will be the same. Even if people wants to help you, they can but possibly not all the time.
I want to help but i cannot.
Knowing that a perosn needs help and i can’t just sucks. Seeing people in need and you know that the only way out is to not help just sucks.
Oh well……..


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