My youngest brother named Ivan, three years old this year, one of the joys in my life šŸ™‚
Although 15 years apart but love connects everything.
Just playing and laughing with him makes my day and teach me that joys can be derived from something so simle

This was taken when i was 9 years old…..

My younger sister at the background,
Now i am gonna turn 18
I look so different 9 years ago!

I love them both.
I have 2 other sisters both 5 years and 4 years old respectively.
I feel so old whenever i mention their ages šŸ˜”
But i love the fact that they are still so young, can play with them.
Childhood phrase is short and it should be the best fun-filled time they can have.
I personally want them to enjoy and be carefree.
Its not to day that adults and teenagers cannot have it too.
But its harder to achieve that same level of being carefree.
Personally i do not want to find myself dragging through life routines every single day.
So i take everything one day at a time.


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