Blogging through iPhone. I just cannot resist blogging because I am afraid that my thoughts would slip away as time passes. There are times when thoughts would just come flooding in and I could not blog. This feeling just sucks. I love to think and over think at times. Mostly thinking about the future. My future career would involve helping others and using my skills to contribute. I am just aiming for a simple and contented lifestyle. Not too structured so that I could pursue my interests like learning to play piano. I just leave everything up to God. Sometimes I tend to focus too much until I somehow forgotten that I still have a couple of years to go. To live life with meaning is what I aim for. That every single day when I am awake, no matter heat difficulties I face, at least I know I am doing it for a purpose. To help others requires me to help myself first. There are areas where I still need improvement. Impatience, stubbornness a few of the traits that I need to change. And most importantly placing God in the center of every area of my life. I also have to learn how to be more confident internally and not base it on the opinions of others. Growing up day by day, I pray that I not get cynical. It’s not easy to keep hope and faith in situations but I will still do it. Because there are miracles


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