To start off, I like Super Junior:)
I am not that obessive with them but i like and enjoy their songs a lot.
This song : My all is in you chinese version is one of my favourite songs.
I especially like Kyuhyun, the youngest in Super junior. His voice is truly a gift from God.

I am currently under a TEP attachment in Nanyang Poly Business management course.
I am allocated to work in a call centre currently till mid-may.
So far everything is smooth sailing, i have made new friends and even know my future classmates through them. Thank God for this.

2012 is a definitely different year for me as compared to 2011. My priorities has changed, my thinking has deepened and things that used to matter much do not matter anymore.
I do not know personally whether this thinking of mine is good or bad but it seems right to me now.

Friendship is no longer the most important priority in my life now. It is still important but not that important. After what i had been through the last 2 years, i realised that even though i might put that person as my first priority, that person may put me as her last priority.

I have no longer have much faith in having everlasting friendships like i used to. I still hope but now i just do my part and leave the rest to God.

Still optimistic but i am more cautious now. Just live one day at a time.


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