First post of 2011…4 more days to O-level results

I had not been here for at least a month or so…

Thanks to work, holidays overseas and every other lame reason

But something had changed

I AM 16 Now..LOL

I turned 16 2 weeks ago or should i say last year?

Haha to me whenever i turned a year older, i am at a different stage of my life

And i do not remember what stage i was at when i was 15 haha

I am glad that God has never changed..and he is always there:)

Tomorrow is my last day that i report to work..

Feel weird..time passed too fast!

4 more days to getting my results..

I am both excited and nervous at the same time..

I am afraid that i might not perform well…although i had given it my best shot

With everyone around me getting more and more nervous….i am too!

I just want Monday 2pm to come quickly!

I want to face it ASAP…i hate waiting…

Its like conquering my mind every second and never leaving!

Whatever the outcome may be…Praise God!:)



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